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Weather Inforrmation


WEather-related closings

The CDC is committed to providing reliable care and education for children. Should the CDC be closed or open late due to weather or other emergencies, we will inform parents in the following manner:

  1. Listing on www.wbal.com

  2. Voice mail on our phone (410-682-6462)

  3. The first page of this website

  4. Email, if the CDC office has record of your email address

Decisions to close or open late are made by 5:30 AM with notifications made shortly thereafter. If we must close early, families will be called.

Tuition is the same as normal for closures, late openings, or early closures. We will make every attempt to have the least amount of closures as possible; however, we will keep the safety of children, families, and staff as our priority.

Out door play

Children will have an outdoor play time each morning and afternoon unless the weather conditions are inclement. Warm coats, mittens, caps, and snow boots are needed in the winter.

Waterproof coats, jackets with hoods, hats, and boots are recommended. Appropriate footwear (shoes and socks) must be worn. We require that children wear shoes with enclosed toes (no sandals). Please refer to the Weather Watcher Chart that indicates conditions under which we will remain indoors or shorten our time outdoors.